Friday, April 17, 2009

Acupuncture in Schools

Just to clarify the title; there's no attempt that I know of to have acupuncture used in schools or anything. This is just me being annoyed with school's lack of mentioning important things, like "evidence does not support it" when talking about acupuncture.

My sister is doing a project on Eastern culture, and one thing she's doing is making a teddy-bear shaped pancake to demonstrate acupuncture on, because that was one of the things she was required to cover. Nobody, of course, mentioned what I'm complaining about, namely the lack of evidential support.

When schools are teaching us stuff, they really should tell us, if something from another culture is complete and total BS, that it is, in fact, complete and total BS! Some people might say criticizing another culture's traditions isn't politically correct or something, but to hell with political correctness when it puts people's health on the line! Not only that, but talking about things like acupuncture would be a great way to help critical thinking; the schools need all the goddamn help they can get with that one; the questions for "fostering critical thinking" are completely useless for that purpose.

I mean, c'mon, what the hell?


Akusai said...

It probably comes from some misguided sense of "cultural sensitivity."

King of Ferrets said...

Or, also possible, from people who aren't convinced acupuncture is BS.

Akusai said...

Another thought: it's like Greek mythology, in that they don't feel the need to say "This isn't true."

But I really doubt that one. I think it's probably a mix of the two above: they don't want to appear insensitive and they don't know enough about acupuncture to know how BS it is. And as long as they're worried about cultural sensitivity, they never will.