Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have acquired the Libris Mortis. It contains the template applied to Evil Jesi, called Necropolitans. They get stuck to a cross with cursed nails and stabbed while people call out to dark gods.

I have no idea why they decided to make it work like that, but it's funny.


Bronze Dog said...

Interested in getting any other books?

King of Ferrets said...

Not at the moment; I'm pretty much set.

Bronze Dog said...


You alive, there?

Oh, no. Obviously KoF thought he could perform a real liching ritual on himself because D&D broke down the barrier between fantasy and reality!

Sorry. Just breaking a bit of the silence. :)

King of Ferrets said...

Oh, right, I have this blog-thingy still, don't I? Maybe I should do something about that. >.>

I have that spoon-thingy I came up with... maybe I'll post that soon.