Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lux Noctis


Name: Lux Noctis
Species: Canis
Age: Kid of I haven't decided yet years
Appearance: Glowingly golden-furred and with deep, knowing black eyes, young, seems to project an aura of tranquility... a deeply unsettling one.
Personality: A Creepy Child that never displays emotion, unless extolling the virtues of Love and Peace.

The son of the viewpoint character and seeming prophesied messiah of the Canis. While he doesn't exactly have a winning personality, the prophecy attracts a group of guerrilla resistance fighters against the Sculi to him. After the Canis leader working on the Totems hears of him, he gets implanted with a Totem and descends into insanity due to it, the virtues of Love and Peace forgotten in favor of increased emotionlessness... and berserk rages when he gets set off. He dies charging into combat at the peak of his insanity.


Philip said...

its interesting ..i love the way it is being presented ..


Philip said...

this creepy child of canis species is looking good and its appearance is interesting glowingly golden-furred